Wind power

p1Using the wind is the most ancient and well familiar way for utilization of the complimentary and unfailing force of nature.

Wind is formed from the different heating of the earth surface. The warm air rises up forming an area with low atmospheric pressure. The air moves itself from points with high atmospheric pressure to points with low atmospheric pressure and the greater the difference the stronger the wind is.

A main characteristic of the wind is its kinetic energy. It is proportional to its density. When it is cold, the air density is greater than when it is warm.

Turbulence is another important characteristic of the wind. It is harmful for energy generation, for it produces extra pressure on the airscrews and the amount of energy falls.

p2The work of the turbine depends on the speed and the turbulence of the wind, the height of the tower and the air density. Therefore it is important that the potential of the chosen area for installation in the country to be known as well as the conditions which have created it.

The wind power stations have been the fastest progressing branch in the world energetics for the last years. This is due to the complimentary wind energy, its ecological advantages and the lowering prices of the wind power stations, reduced to a unit of set up power, (kilowatt).

Now and in future, the prime cost and the investments in wind electricity production are expected to be the lowest, in comparison with all other electricity production means from the ecological and wholly renovating energy resources.