„ENERGOCONSULT” Ltd. was founded in year of 2000 and has been known as a reliable business partner ever since.
The main business activities are as follows:

  • Consultations into Coal Thermal Power Plants
  • Consultations into Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency

ENERGOCONSULT "Ltd. provides delivery, installation and setup of devices for cleaning of heating surfaces.

The company is an authorized representative of Clyde Bergemann GmbH and the company has the necessary equipment, specialists, experience and professionalism to research and analysis.

The experts are highly qualified professionals and team workers.

Prepares reports Detailed investigation of the energy efficiency of buildings in operation, according to Article 16 of the EEA.

We can be useful for Coal Thermal Power Plants, Biomass plants, Food industry / production of oil / Pulp and paper industry.

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